Get Specific...

Wilderness Watchers: Gooseboy

For 5 Second Day at Titmouse.

Deadkind Secondary Character Concepts

Dr. Future is a resurrected mummy baby from beyond time and space. He has mastered the secrets of mind control and lasers. Billy's dad is a one-armed archaeologist.

Oshio is a boy genius Otaku from Japan who creates all manner of things based on his favorite anime. Think Anime-centric Toy-Man. Whitaker is Billy's boss, ain't no free lunch.

Little Bill

Isn't he adorable?

Billy Deadkind

A past idea I might be developing further.

School is Fucking Boring

This is what it feels like when you've played video games all summer and have to go back to school. I mean, you've SAVED THE UNIVERSE? What good is an education going to do you?

Rick Mann

My 2010 "5 Second Day" short for Titmouse!!

Thanks to Titmouse, Tommy Robin!

Sweet Jehova

Meet Greg and Jehova-Bot

Dr. Mario with Lyrics

Here it is! Enjoy.

And here's the animatic for those interested in the process!

More FF

More Final Fantasy related stuff.

Four Warriors of Light

If I made a Final Fantasy game. Some doodles.


Sorry for having nothing. A chocobo will cheer you up though.

Marios Marios, everywhere

I'm sorry, but I can't stop drawing these dummies until I finish "Dr. Mario."

Dr. Mario Development 1

Here's some mouth charts and backgrounds for my upcoming "Dr. Mario" short.

New Powerups

Sorry to geek out on you so badly. But I thought these ideas would be neat for a Mario game.

The trailer for Mario Galaxy 2 was cool... But really? A drill item? That was a perfect opportunity for a Mole-suit powerup WASTED.

Then again, Mole Mario looks pretty damn dumb.

Super-Model Luigi

You didn't ask for it... But here it is.

Super-Model Luigi. Wearing Italian leather boots, Designer Overalls, and mustache by Jean Paul Jean (that sounds right.)

Zelda + Mario Commission

So here's a commissioned evolutionary lineup of Link and Mario from their respective games.

In the Mushroom Kingdom...

I'm the finest doc, by far!

Spent a good while working on the background. Needed to seel the splendor of the Mushroom Kingdom and then shit ALL OVER IT with Mario's Clinic.

Little Link

That's an Orange Cross... not a Red One.


This is pretty gross.

Should fulfill my weird quota for the month.

Moblin and Goriya

For years I had no idea that Goriyas were supposed to be RAT monsters. In "Link to the Past" they looked liked the demon elephants from "Dumbo"

Enjoy Zelda fans.

Juggy Takin' a Walk

Here's Mini Jugs takin' a stroll.

The Mutants - Part Deux

Dude, ole slim looks kinda cool in his traditional colors too!

Jean's a cutie.

Iceman enjoys the freedom and comfort that bike shorts bring.

The Beast is the quintessential "monster with a heart of gold."

When you're rich, you don't need to be a mutant to fly. But that Warren Worthington III just can't be convinced of that.

Marvel Minis - Wave 3

There's an odd bunch here... Tried to make the last two waves have a nice balance of color, but there's an almost complete LACK of it here.

The Mutants

One day, a LONG time ago, all I had to draw with was a mechanical pencil and some highlighters. With that in mind, I redesigned (though not very heavily) the X-Men and rechristened them, "The Mutants" (Stan Lee's original idea for the name of the comic).

Bright, almost punky, and just kinda different. What do you guys think? Too much? Too little?

Marvel Minis - Wave 2

Whaaaaa? There's some 80s X-Men in here...

I always used to LOVE Nightcrawler and Wolverine's dynamic in the old comics.

Marvel Minis

Mini Marvels...

Heroes....... UNITE!!!

Some Marvel Heroes.

Designs Without Fear

I have a weird brain that can only love one thing at a time. So I have short (yet passionate enough) love affairs with my various favorite things. I'm on a daredevil kick, so forgive me if you're not interested.

On top I'm getting close if not finalizing my design for Daredevil. On the bottom are some rough design ideas for a Daredevil cast.... There are so many choices when it comes to these guys. These are the ones that came to my hand/mind first.

Daredevil Mini

I felt bad for not updating very often, so I smacked myself really hard in the face...

Unfortunately that sent me back in time and I had to wait two whole weeks to get back to here (you've been there, I'm sure). Anyway, I had to twist my own arm to draw on my old bamboo tablet. Hope you enjoy this bite-sized Daredevil. Comes in two flavors: "Red," and "Not Red"